Who are we ?

Ireland A La Carte is a Franco-Irish tour operator based in the heart of County Kerry. We are passionate about this country, and we chose to become ambassadors to its people and its culture.

We will take you off the beaten track, on the small roads and “boreens” only known to the locals, through colourful villages and spectacular lonesome valleys. We will tell you tales and legends, stories big and small, some cheerful and some stirring… You will see why we are here and why we love doing what we do.

We are conscious of how important is for you to see, live and breathe the maximum that this country has to offer during your stay at your own pace.

We are flexible on the organisation of your stay and on its continuity; because they are your holidays and we want them to be unforgettable for you.

And especially, we are the people you will be in touch with to organize your visit to Ireland. You will be able to ask the necessary questions, you will be answered promptly, we will be honest with you because we know it’s important you know what to expect.

What to expect on your holidays ?

We will show you breath-taking scenery, immerse you in Irish history, tell you it’s many legends, search for fairy trees, make you discover its unique culture, its music and other things in a joyous atmosphere. You will then understand why we are here and why we like our job so much.

Because it is important to know you’ll be well surrounded, that you’ll have the comfort and security, of all our guides and drivers that are qualified and well experienced.

Who’s coming in our tours ?

People who like to travel differently, with an idea of discovering that involves being sometimes actor in your holidays, sometimes spectator, people who want to meet inhabitants of the island, even if they can’t speak the same language, people who don’t expect to see all the island in a few days but to enjoy a maximum what they have seen and lived.

Why travel with us ?

Because we are a small company we can take care of each specific and unique request and respect your needs and your budget.

Because we will work with you directly, you will always be in contact with a member of our team who will endeavour to answer all your question as quickly as possible.

Because we are deeply rooted in Irish culture we are best positioned to introduce you to its traditional music and dance, its magical lore, but also its sports, gastronomy, humour…

Because we want you to fully enjoy your evenings, our hotels will be carefully chosen in the heart of towns and villages, near lively pubs or in peaceful picturesque countryside.

Because we know gastronomy is paramount to a successful holiday we will treat you with traditional dishes home-cooked from fresh and local produce in hand-picked restaurants.